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Our passion for watches, joined to our wish in creating by ourselves a web site ( in a spirit of learning something ), was a good opportunity and led us to realize those few pages. When doing so, it appeared that communicating our experience in the collecting world was also a tribute to people who love watches in giving them information about subjects we specially know.

This web site has no other claim than introducing watches we collect, have repaired, or looked for about their history.

All information delivered is based on the author experience, and nobody else is engaged.

If you notice some mistakes, errors, or missing complements to be given, do not hesitate to let us know.

English is not our mother tongue. Be lenient, we try doing our best !


The author


The author's first name is Serge, located in Geneva ( Switzerland ). He is very grateful to the watchmaker who told him 10 years ago "if you're not a watchmaker, do not even think to open a watch.....this is my job". He felt very offended by this reflection, while he was introducing him his first pocket watch on which he spent many hours of cleaning, repairing and lubricating without any exterior help. To be honest, the laborious result was far from perfect, but Serge was proud enough having for the first time of his life dismantled and reassembled a mechanical time piece, in quasi working condition at the end.

This was the beginning of his desire to learn more and more about watch making. Thus, he first tried to buy specially non working watches with the goal to repair them and constitute his collection.

This also gave him the immeasurable chance to meet other passionates, either amateurs or professionals, and to extend friends contacts in whole Switzerland and abroad. 

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